Trauma Treatment

Is trauma treatment for you?

The best drug and alcohol addiction recovery are often trauma-informed.  That’s why the experts at Inner Peace Reserve use trauma-informed therapy to help all clients begin to live a full and free life! Inner Peace Reserve is committed to treatment that does not simply identify past trauma but also addresses and resolves each client further toward healing.

Our team expertly integrates a relational trauma model. The treatment includes: Traditional and experiential therapeutic groups; Individual one-on-one sessions; Family work; Yoga; Meditation; and Support groups

Who is the trauma treatment for?

Addiction is often the result of someone trying to cope with a major underlying issue – such as physical or psychological trauma. Inner Peace Reserve trauma-informed therapy addresses the following:

What to expect during a trauma treatment?

Inner Peace Reserve’s approach is founded upon the belief that addiction is often a symptom of unresolved trauma. Our process weaves together:


Dual diagnosis

More often than you might imagine, drug or alcohol addiction can mask mental illness, or vice-versa. A combination of the two – commonly known as “dual diagnosis” – is prevalent that Inner Peace Reserve’s trauma program was built to treat it. Mental illness and substance abuse are dangerously synergetic. 

A mental disorder may cause an individual to seek “relief” in the form of drugs or alcohol. Exacerbating the disorder and increasing the degree of substance abuse. It is a vicious cycle and can complicate treatment efforts if not identified properly. Therefore, an individual who receives treatment for addiction but not their underlying mental disorder is likely to relapse once treatment is complete.