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Beyond recovery at inner peace

Leaving home for alcohol or drug addiction treatment doesn’t mean saying goodbye to comfort, fun, or connection. Inner Peace Reserve is here to prove that you can have all those things while you discover sobriety. 

Located about an hour from Kansas City, MO airport. This picturesque 600-acre ranch hosts countless memorable events that have transitioned into a place of hope for those battling the disease of addiction. 

Our luxurious drug and alcohol treatment center with lakeside accommodations is second only to our compassionate, results-driven care based on the latest research in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Learn more about Inner Peace Reserve today, and then call us to take the first step toward a healthy new life!

Inner Peace Reserve is a private, luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that provides clients with a tranquil and wholesome place to begin the recovery journey. 

Our luxury accommodation provides options to fit each client’s unique needs. 

All clients are encouraged to enjoy more than 600 acres of hiking and biking trails, lakes, and farmland to reconnect with nature and themselves. 

At Inner Peace Reserve, we understand that entering treatment for substance use addiction and changing your life can be exhausting. 

We offer drug treatment and amenities to our clients that provide a respite from the rigors of treatment and a reminder of all the joy available in recovery. 

Replacing old behaviors with new passions and fun activities is refreshing and supportive of long-term sobriety.