resonance impact program

What is resonance impact program?

The Resonance Impact Program is geared toward one purpose: helping you find natural, healthy ways for your brain to achieve the same positive sensations of life before alcohol and drug addiction.

How the Resonance Impact Program can Help You

Through the Resonance Impact Program, our clients will learn how to focus on sensations not currently understood or utilized. Our clients will learn how to interpret the communication of the universal language of resonance and frequency.

What is the Resonance Impact Program?

The Resonance Impact Method Program has been created by the Morrell Foundation to support the destigmatization and recovery of the people whose society labels them as “addicts.”

The Intense Remembrance Component

At the center of the Resonance, Impact Method is a component called Intense Remembrance, to better help Seekers evolve away from their current Obsession. 

In any Obsession, using the substances/activities provides a short-term seemingly pleasureful “high” followed by a longer-term low. This suffering (negative Sensation) is providing information that the Seeker is typically not receiving. 

Moreover, the lessons or information from this low period are quickly and repeatedly “forgotten.” The obsessive high sensation is sought again and again as if the resulting low and negative consequences had never occurred. 

The Resonance Impact Method helps Seekers perceive this Information better and identify both the Counterfeit motivators and the true information in their experience. It makes the remembrance of the negative outcome become a clear and permanent part of the awareness. 

With this Intense Remembrance, Seekers absorb and remember—intensely—the negative effects of the Obsession so that they will make different choices. 

Then the Seeker can (and typically does) disengage with their Obsession by using the other skills we teach. (Post-Obsession, they can also use these same life skills in other areas of life to continue to make good decisions and seek increasingly life-affirming choices.)

What to expect during the Resonance Impact Program?


Learn about Obsession

Seekers will learn that the sensations they experience from chemical and alcohol misuse are not sustainable/temporary.

Participants learn about the Original Language, a form of communication innate to all humans (via sensation) that does not require visual and/or auditory signaling to convey information. Once learned, Original Language skills can be tapped to make life-enhancing decisions.

Finally, once Seekers fully understand how to use these principles and why they exist, they can move their beings into a more enjoyable state on demand.


Improve Original Language Skills (Learn to Read Sensations)

Original Language is a transfer of information that creates Sensation in our beings. Our clients learn to become aware of and discern these Sensations better. They learn to analyze them to perceive what is beneficial and detrimental to Life. 

Some Sensations are simple to discern, for example hot, cold, pain, etc. The ones more pertinent to substance misuse are often more challenging to discern, (like the emotional sensation of spiraling downward).

Learning to identify and discern these are necessary skills. Intense Remembrance involves learning to discern and be aware of the Sensations that may accompany various experiences and emotions This includes happiness, sadness, discouragement, joy, despair, confusion, and chaos. 


Learn to Discern Pure Truths from Counterfeit Truths

The Counterfeit Truths and Counterfeit Values that Seekers hold as truth will be replaced with Pure Truths (capable of long-term positive outcomes) to generate sustainable happiness.

Using the Intense Remembrance process, our clients will clearly understand how to attain lasting pleasant Sensations with positive impact.

Clients engage in service projects and support activities to teach them to be aware and attain positive Sensations. We help evaluate their Sensations. We compare them to the Sensations of Obsession and perceive the truths and values revealed by those Sensations.

By practicing harmonizing with the Universal Spirit (Holy Ghost), Seekers will learn to identify Pure Truths and Values from Counterfeit ones, laying a foundation for better decision-making.


Learn to Make Consistent Positive Choices

Once the above skills are mastered. Clients can learn to make consistent choices with long-term positive impacts in their life and in the lives of those around them.

By experiencing and recognizing the value that comes from good choices, clients become motivated to always make better choices. They will bring more of these positive forces (and fewer Counterfeit Truths) into their lives.